About Us

Metric Loop is an Austin based technology company that strives to create value by helping its clients reduce overhead, simplify their hardware procurement, and run their businesses more efficiently. Founded on the idea that a company can leverage technology to generate success, Metric Loop’s CEO and co-founder, Jordan Koncak, set out to create a company that assists organizations in overcoming its technology problems. As a former CTO, Jordan was frustrated with the procurement process and lack of knowledge offered by technology solution providers. Their inability to keep the big picture in mind, if left unchecked, would have led to scalability problems and increased costs. As a result, Metric Loop takes the approach of solving the most pressing pain points while maintaining the vision and long term goals of the organization.

Mission Statement

To engineer clear solutions and create an efficient technology environment, so your business can grow and do what it does best.

Meet Our Team

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Ben Stockard

Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin is a cofounder and CFO of Metric Loop. He received his undergraduate degree from TCU and later received an MBA with a Finance Concentration and a Masters in Accounting from St. Edwards. He has previous experience as a Texas state auditor. A native Houstonian, Benjamin lives in Austin with his wife Courtney and two children.

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Jordan Koncak

Chief Executive Officer, Systems Engineer

Jordan is a cofounder and CEO of Metric Loop. He has over ten years of experience as a systems engineer, leader in database designs, software development, and deployment of new services. As a former CTO for an international company, he led technology and product development teams in 29 countries and oversaw the successful integration of four acquisitions of leading competitors. Over the last ten years, Jordan has acquired extensive experience in customer relationship management, application design and development, and content management systems development. He is also a big supporter of the Open Source community.

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Nick Basile

Lead UI/UX Engineer

Nick spearheads our front-end development, UI/UX design, marketing, and branding efforts. He received his Bachelor of the Arts from Franklin University Switzerland, double majoring in International Economics and International Banking & Finance with a Studio Arts minor. Nick has a wealth of experience with companies working in both technical and business roles.

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Ellen Fuerst

Account Manager

Ellen is in charge of Metric Loop’s client relations. Her past experience in business development has made her an integral part of Metric Loop’s sales team. She received a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs with an emphasis on Latin American Developmental Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ellen is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Leadership and Change from St. Edward’s University.