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10 Green Ideas for SMB Businesses

With the green movement gaining momentum, how can your SMB business reap the benefits of this trend? Green initiatives have the bad reputation of being expensive to get going, but we are here to show you some quick and easy techniques that don’t have to break the bank!

1 ) Safe Removal of Electronic Waste

Even though the technology industry is often seen as an efficient and clean industry, electronic devices can be both dangerous and polluting. A business can be socially responsible by taking measures to safely dispose of old technologies. You can easily avoid contributing to pollution problem by arranging for a company that specializes in technology recycling to take care of your e-waste.

2 ) Cut out disposable kitchenware *

Switch over to reusable silverware to keep plastic cutlery out of landfills. The reusable silverware is an upfront expense, but the business will save money in the long run! On average a business with 100 employees will spend between $800 - $1,000 per year on plastic cutlery alone. A business with 100 employees will also send 20,000 - 52,000 pieces of cutlery to the landfill every year.

3 ) Give new employees a branded Reusable Water Nalgene *

A reusable water bottle will reduce the amount of plastic bottles that end up in our landfills, and serves as a new hire gift! Not to mention the free advertising when your employees tote it around town.

4 ) Make a commitment to print less paper *

Your business can save money and be more efficient by committing to printing less paper. For example, switch from printing employee pay stubs to using direct deposits in order to save paper, ink, and the time it takes HR to hand out all those paystubs.

5 ) Implement a recycling program

This initiative is a low resources, high impact idea that can help reduce waste such as paper, glass and aluminum.

6 ) Change your lighting system *

Lower greenhouse emissions by using energy efficient light bulbs, such as LED, that reduce CO2 emissions. LED bulbs not only use less electricity, but they last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Although the switch to LED bulbs is an upfront cost, the electricity savings and longer lifespan more than offset the initial cost.

7 ) Use a Power/Energy Management System *

Businesses can now deploy power management systems to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. The systems automatically monitors the consumption and utilization of energy in your network to manage and reduce energy costs. Keep in mind that there are a variety of options from many manufactures, so it is important to determine your business goals when choosing a solution.

8 ) Use Collaboration technologies

By using collaborative communication technologies, businesses can reduce the amount of car and air travel in order to limit their carbon emissions. Collaborative communication technologies can include, but are not limited to: video conferencing, unified phone system, screen sharing, and email. This is beneficial because employees don’t have to leave their desks to travel across the country to meetings, which ends up saving both time and money.

9 ) Buy “Green” labeled technology products

Buy technology products that are sustainable, and reduce energy consumption. Look for certifications such as ENERY STAR or EPEAT.

10 ) Go virtual

Put your filing cabinet on Craigslist, recycle old files, and virtualize your business data. By using software as a service, businesses can also increase efficiency. By using virtualization technologies, business can consolidate hardware which in turn uses less energy consumption. SMB’s can also use hosting services from technology companies dedicated to sustainable practices.

*Money saving or money making idea

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