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5 Awesome Laracasts that make you a better Developer

It would be quite an understatement to say that we're simply fans of Laravel - we're still debating about the best location for our Laravel tattoos. But, we're not sure that we'd be the super fans we are today if it wasn't for the incredible tutorials and walkthroughs that Jeffery Way has assembled over at Laracasts.

Like every developer out there, we've had to pick up a wide variety of languages and skills on the fly. Sometimes it was easy, other times it was... less easy. But far and away the best experience that we've had learning a language - or really anything for that matter - has been with Laracasts.

Before we spend another 1000 pages going over how awesome Jeffery and Laracasts is, let's get down to the business. Here is a small sampling of our favorite Laracasts Series that have really supercharged our learning.

1. Laravel From Scratch

We all had to start somewhere. Without this gentle walkthrough of Laravel's amazing features, it would have taken us weeks to understand the power lurking beneath its surface.

2. Build "ProjectFlyer" With Me

We're definitely hands on learners here at Metric Loop. So having an entire series dedicated to building an actual project with Laravel was the perfect introduction for us.

3. Testing Laravel

We love using Test Driven Development (TDD) these days. But for a long time, we pushed it off as one more thing that would slow us down. This series showed us the benefits of TDD, and we've lived happily ever after since.

4. Learning Vue 1.0: Step By Step

For the frontend folks in the crowd, I hope by now that you've heard about this up-and-coming JavaScript framework from Evan You called Vue. If you're looking to get started, or to simply learn more about it, then this series will have you up and running in no time.

5. Incremental APIs

We do a lot of API driven development, so having a series that showed us the common pitfalls of building an API has allowed us to avoid them and stick with best practices.

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