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Curious about Tech?

Curious about Tech?

At Metric Loop, we love educational resources! Internally, we are constantly improving our level of expertise by gaining new certifications, going to conferences or learning from our partnerships. We realized eraly on how important it is to transfer knowledge. So we created a ton of resources that our customers, friends and future friends can benefit and learn from. Check out the descriptions of our resources below:

Metric Loop Blog

Where can you find it:

Metric Loop’s blog is a space where Metric Loop employees write articles about their field of expertise and passion. Congratulations, you already found it!

What you’ll find:

We typically blog about:

  • Software - A fantastic resource for software developers
  • Hardware - Educational, How-To articles related to hardware
  • Loop Life - Articles that focus on Metric Loop's internal work environment
  • Reviews- Product and feature reviews

Tech Library

Where can you find it:

During our website re-vamp, we decided to include a Technology Library on our website. Our technology library is a compilation of technology topics meant to educate folks about technology without any pushy sales talk. Our primary goal is to provide the necessary base knowledge for our innately curious customers, so that they know that they have options depending on their environment and requirements. Our secondary goal is to create a space that allows individuals to understand technology in a tangible way, and to be able to understand the advantages and limitations of different technologies.

What you’ll find:

Networking This section discusses what a network is, the different types of networks, and the components that make up a network, such as routers, switches, security devices, and wireless access points.

Virtualization Ever wanted to know more about virtualization? This section discusses what virtualization is, the benefits of virtualization, and the different types of virtualization, such as server, storage, and network virtualization, and VDI.

Storage From disaster recovery to tips on how to chooses a storage solution, this section informs readers on the different types of storage solutions out there.

Data Center Besides describing what makes up a Data Center, this section discusses Cloud, co-location, and on-premise solutions.

ISP In addition to giving a quick overview of what an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is, this section informs readers what to look out for when choosing an ISP.

Unified Communications This section provides an overview of Unified Communications (UC), discusses the benefits of a UC solution, and weighs the pros and cons of both an on-premise and hosted solution.

Now, these sections are not only meant to explain basic concepts, but also to explain the benefits of different technologies and how they can affect business processes. The learn section of our website is meant for individuals that are curious about technology and need a jumping off point to understand what it is all about.

Metric Loop Unboxed

Where can you find it:

On August 25, 2016, we published our first Youtube video, Metric Loop Unboxed. This series will serve as an interactive way to view technology products as they come right out of the box. Just to give you a sneak preview, check us out over the next couple of weeks as we watch Ben unbox the Meraki MC74 and Dell's P2715Q Ultra HD 4K Monitor.

Metric Loop Techsperts

Where can you find it:

Metric Loop Techsperts will be launching on Metric Loop’s Youtube channel on Sept 1, 2016. Techsperts will act as an onscreen classroom, so that viewers can understand technology definitions and terms, the benefits of different technologies, how to choose the right technology solution, and helpful How-tos.

Keep a look out for our first video on What is a Local Area Network.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy any or all of our resources.

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