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How to Make Your Own Ethernet Cable

Materials (Makes 1 wire):

• 1-Cat-5 cable
• 2 -RJ-45 heads
• 1-Wire crimper with a wire cutter

1. Cut the Cable

Determine the desired length of your cable and cut the cat-5 cable with the wire cutter on your wire crimper.

2. Prepare the Cable Ends

Using the wire cutter, strip away the outer coating of each end of the cable. Strip away about ½ an inch. There will be 8 colored wires twisted into 4 pairs. Unravel each pair until there are 8 separate wires. Be sure that you do not strip away the outer coating of the 8 colored wires.

3. Arrange the Wires

Arrange the wires in the following order from left to right:

  1. Green and white
  2. Green
  3. Orange and white
  4. Blue
  5. Blue and white
  6. Orange
  7. Brown and white
  8. Brown

4. Insert & Crimp

Keeping the wires in the right order, place them into the RJ-45 heads. It may help to scoop the wires into the RJ-45 head. This may take a few attempts. Once the wires are inside of the head, ensure that they are in the right order. Push the wires flush against the tip of the RJ-45 and insert the head into the crimp tool and squeeze firmly.

5. Repeat Steps 2-4.

Repeat steps 2-4 for the other end of the cable.

6. Test the Cable

If you happen to have a cable tester, insert both ends of your finished cable into the tester and check for a signal. Checking the cables may save you or someone else a lot of time and frustration.

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