Unboxing the APC Smart-UPS 750VA USB & Serial RM 1U 120V's Hero Image

Unboxing the APC Smart-UPS 750VA USB & Serial RM 1U 120V

This week, Metric Loop got a close up view of APC’s Uninterruptable Power Supply. A UPS, not to get confused with the shipping company, is designed for network power protection. This protection provides emergency power to a load when the main system fails and most importantly prevents blackouts. This UPS is rack mountable and comes with directions on how to do just that in the user manual.

What’s in the box

UPS, user Manual, front plastic panel, hardware kit, serial cable, USB cable, rails, brackets With just an easy snap, the front on the UPS comes without the faceplate attached, but it is an easy snap on.


Besides low operating costs, this UPC is extremely reliable due to its intelligent battery management and efficiency management features such as automatic self-tests. The internal battery provides power until the utility line is up and running again. Since the faceplate is intuitive and user friendly, one can always see the battery level. Keep in mind that the battery ships disconnected.

Front panel

This faceplate is multifunctional, but most importantly it serves as peace of mind. As you can see in the picture, it has indicator lights for load capacity, AVR trim, on line, AVR boost, overload, battery, and replacement battery. These indicator lights serve as an alarm and detection system for administrators to detect overload conditions; when the unit is on battery, and it even notifies when the battery is not able to provide power.

Back panel

As you can see on the back panel, there is a USB port for software installation, four plugs, an overload protector, and serial connectivity for programing. This device is customizable and has over 15 programmable settings to tailor to your business’s specific preferences.

All in all, this device is a lean, efficient, data saving machine.

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